Friday, February 04, 2005

Does the Bush Adminsitration have ADD?

Sorry for the crap posts as of late, but work has been (as Fonzie would say) nutso. In addition, there have been so many crazy things said and done as of late, that it is almost paralyzing to try to process it all, much less provide stupid commentary for three people who read this blog out of pity (but, dammit, CNB loves you for it). Anyhow, I smell a "Garbled Crap III" in the works.

For now, a quote that says more than it meant to:

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said that an attack on Iran over its nuclear program is "not on the agenda at this point." (emphasis added).

The end of that sentence, finished in her head: "but don't think that we won't lay the smack down on those Iranians. You get one warning, Ayatollah Assahollah."

Did CNB miss the end of hostilities in Afghanistan and Iraq that would allow the US to make statements that implicitly commit our troops to another freakin' country?

Maybe Condi is just giving one more example of how the Bush Aministration has ADD. It would make sense, you know. They never finish anything they start (absent claims to the contrary), and have all sorts of wild ideas of what to do next. Remember the last State of the Union with the manned mission to Mars? They do hang onto a few ideas now and again (read: amendment banning gay marriage), but whimsically switch from one thing to the next, and then back again. Now that the Iraqi elections are over, maybe Bush will go back to talking about steroid use in professional athletics. Then tomorrow it will be Social Security again. CNB might be wrong, but this seems to evidence a a classic pattern of impulsive behavior -- ADD.

As a practical matter, this lack of follow-through dovetails nicely with the 45-second collective memory of the U.S., because no one ever calls them out on stuff like this (beyond self-possessed bloggers). Then again, Desperate Housewives doesn't watch itself now, does it?