Monday, November 01, 2004

Election 2004: The Past vs. The Future

There has been a great deal of commentary upon whether the get out the vote movements of Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/P.D. McRappy and Rock the Vote would get the 18-25 year-olds to vote. The presumption is that the majority of them would vote for Kerry.

However, an interesting article by Chris Suellentrop states that Bush adviser Karl Rove's plan for the 2004 election was to appeal to the approximately 4 million Evangelical Christians who didn't vote in 2000, with the idea that it would bring President Bush a decisive re-election victory. This would explain the Bush Administration's campaigning on gay marriage, abortion, and other issues aimed at riling the conservative Christian vote.

It sort of seems that the two prevailing theories boil down to this: the past (conservatives wishing to return, or keep the process of returning, to a "simpler time") versus the future (college students and recent college grads).

Why does this sound like a summary of the election(s) of 1968 and/or 1972?