Saturday, October 30, 2004

Bush on bin Laden

Osama bin Laden put out a videotape yesterday: "Your security is not in the hands of Kerry or Bush or al Qaeda. Your security is in your own hands. Any nation that does not attack us will not be attacked."

"In less than 72 hours, the American people will be voting and the decision comes down to: Who do you trust?" Pres. Bush, 10/30/04.

Well, let's just look at the facts here. The guy who was in charge of 9-11 released a videotape, where he looked healthy (despite long-held rumors of kidney disease). What has Bush's position on him been?

"And there's an old poster out West that says, Wanted: Dead or Alive." Pres. Bush, 9-17-01.

"Gosh, I just don't think I ever said I'm not worried about Osama bin Laden. It's kind of one of those exaggerations." Pres. Bush, 10-13-04.

"And, again, I don't know where he is. I -- I'll repeat what I said. I truly am not that concerned about him." Pres. Bush, 3-13-02.

"And you say we shouldn't worry about bin Laden. Have you forgotten?" Daryl Worley, who appeared at the RNC, and evidently has no idea of the views of the candidate he supports.