Saturday, October 23, 2004

"Selective Amnesia" is more like it

Pres. Bush's new campaign phrase (10 days left and he is trying out new material - why does that seem desperate?) is "Election Amnesia", claiming Kerry has had evolving opinions on Iraq.

Without even getting to the veracity of the statement (CNB does not even care at this point -- aren't you exhausted, too?), CNB finds it amazing that the guy who somehow gets to redefine his reason for leading the U.S. into war (not to mention his debate quotes) has the audacity to criticize anyone for changing positions.

FAIR even says that the news organizations are overdoing it trying to find an equal number of inaccurate statements from each side -- what they term "false balance". This makes CNB feel better about taking more jabs at Bush, simply because he provides more material.