Friday, October 15, 2004

Working on the Cheney-Gang

VP and Lynne Cheney are mad at Kerry because he mentioned their daughter's name in the debate on Wednesday (Mrs. VP called it a "cheap and tawdry political trick"). CNB agreed that Kerry could have avoided mentioning her without affecting the intended effect of his remarks.

  1. Where was Lynne Cheney's self-described indignance, not to mention Dick Cheney's self-described anger, when Alan Keyes (CNB will post later on this guy) stated that Mary Cheney, because she is a lesbian, is by definition a "selfish hedonist"? That certainly seems to warrant anger and indignance more than the mere mention of your child's name, even if it is a fellow Republican.
  2. Kerry didn't out Mary Cheney, which you would think based upon the reaction.
  3. Was it "cheap and tawdry" for Bush to mention Missy Johnson, whose husband died in Iraq, in the first debate?
  4. CNB notes is that every Cheney (even other daughter Liz) has seen fit to comment on this. . . except for Mary. She's gay, not mentally disabled, so one would think she could make her own comment were she so offended.

Sure seems like focusing on this is a great way to have people forget about actual political issues, or the fact that certain people keep making unequivocal statements that are proven wrong. "Cheap and tawdry political trick", indeed.