Wednesday, December 22, 2004

O'Reilly vs. FOX News -- The Christmas Conundrum

Bill O'Reilly, whose name is now inextricably linked with falafels and loofahs, has been on a tear as of late, out to save Christmas. You may recall an earlier CNB article about this Christmas-attacking phenomeNON -- lots of folks feel that Christmas is being secularized, evidently being asleep for the past century (or unaware of its pagan roots).

In any event, Mr. O'Reilly, the Falafel Fella, is saying that "Christmas is a tradition that belongs in the public arena", and further states that "The FOX News Channel and its commentators stand in the way of the secular agenda."

Unfortunately for Mr. O'Reilly, News Corp. (the parent of Mr. O'Reilly's employer, the aforementioned FOX News Channel) threw a holiday party this year. Will Mr. O'Reilly point out that his employer appears to be assisting the "secular agenda" rather than standing it its way? CNB is not optimistic, but will give Mr. O'Reilly the benefit of the falafel. I mean doubt.