Wednesday, June 15, 2005

CNB NewsBlurbs -- CNB once again reads the news so you don't have to

  1. The autopsy of Terri Schiavo has shown that she was in a persistent vegetative state, finding that she had massive and irreversible brain damage, which is the same conclusion put forth by the court-appointed guardian ad litem here (the autopsy actually showed she was blind also, which seems to undermine the theory about the balloons and how that supposedly showed consciousness). No word if Tom DeLay, Randall Terry, or the other members of the Jackass Brigade will issue retractions for all their prior statements. CNB is particularly interested in Sen. Bill Frist, M.D., who saw fit to diagnose -- incorrectly -- Ms. Schiavo based upon a heavily edited snippet of video (and he did so on the floor of the Senate, no less! Who does that??). The Blogs for Terri have refused to admit error, so don't hold your breath on the rest of them. I guess that is just following the example of their President.
  2. Adult film star Mary Carey attended the Flag Day fundraising dinner at the White House yesterday. Although Rev. Wildmon (surprise, surprise) is mad, there are some right-wing folks who are downplaying this (nothing is ever a big deal to these people, unless a "liberal" does it). I really don't care about this story, but I can't help but wonder -- if Clinton did this, would these same folks have been so nonchalant? Not on your life -- "President of Porn" would have become his new name.
  3. Ashley Smith, who was held hostage after the Atlanta courthouse killings in March 2005, has signed a book deal. For seven hours of her life. Seven. CNB certainly does not want to minimize the harrowing experience Ms. Smith must have suffered, but a book based on seven hours of your life? I thought the Amber Frey crap was bad, but this beats it.