Wednesday, May 11, 2005

You Stole (and then marketed) My Jesus Fish!

Further proving that heresy and blasphemy are in the eyes of the beholder, some folks have decided to meld the Jesus Fish (popularized to many by the immortal David Puddy) and support of President Bush. Yes, I am serious.

The merchandisers say that "The BushFish does not suggest that President Bush is Divine. It is intended to represent Christian Republicans who support the President's position on God's role in government." Okay. But if I put in "Real Christians Don't Discriminate" or "Mind Your Own Business" inside a similarly shaped fish, would these folks think I am merely be my voicing a Christian opinion, or would they think I am co-opting yet another sacred-to-some symbol for my own nefarious purposes?

Unsurprisingly, according to their website, I would qualify as a "secularist" under the criteria provided (notice I did not call it "objective criteria"). However, if not being a secularist means I agree with them, color me a secularist. Moreover, I guess you could color me a zoologist, because I know there actually is a bushfish (leopard bushfish, to be exact) which looks nothing like the manufactured product being sold.

P.S. to the folks who buy this thing: If you buy this, you have crossed over, and not in that good "Left Behind" way, but in the dark "Revenge of the Sith" way. Just an FYI.