Thursday, September 29, 2005

Intelligent Design as Panacea

A writer whose intelligence and wit just gets better with every article, Dahlia Lithwick of Slate, summed up her satirical article on Intelligent Design by stating that:

Replacing every single gap in human knowledge with a theory of divine agency would save us billions of dollars in wasteful public education.

That has been my problem with Intelligent Design (as previously stated in CNB) -- its essential tenet is that something (possibly someone) somewhere must have designed (not created, mind you) the Earth, stars, etc. The basis for this general, and wholly unprovable, theory includes scientific-sounding phrases like "irreducible complexity," but I'll leave the techinical responses to others more qualified than I.

Pres. Bush thinks we should teach ID alongside evolution. However, can the teacher then postulate that the "intelligent designer" was, in fact, a flying spaghetti monster? Space aliens? Sure seems to me that creative science teachers could highlight the inherent flaws in the the IDology (you read that here first) better than the pending lawsuit in Dover, PA.