Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Three Things I Ran Across on the Internet

  1. Olbermann Watch -- A site by a guy who very clearly really, really dislikes Keith Olbermann. While Keith is clearly no fan of President Bush, I don't equate him to the right-wing folks who use stupid terms like "Democrat Party." I got bored with the first few posts, so I did not read far enough to see if it was Olbermann's perceived bias that bothers the author, or the possible non-Republican viewpoint. One would think, if it were perceived bias, he would be equally as peeved at O'Reilly, Hannity, etc., but methinks it is the viewpoint being espoused that irks him. Thus, it is just a retread of 50 billion other sites out there. Then again, so is this one. . . .
  2. White Daisy Passing by Rocky Votolato -- A song I cannot stop listening to. It evidently has been featured on “The O.C.” and was recently featured as the NPR “Song of the Day,” but I just ran across it while perusing the Barsuk Records website. It is a simple and folky song from a guy listed as “a soft-spoken, very hard-working 28-year-old father of two.” Can’t ask for much more than that. I even sent this to the guy who runs the Audiofile Daily Download, hoping others will get to enjoy it.
  3. My brother on NPR's Day by Day -- you may have heard about the Harvard Medical School study concerning the effect (or non-effect, as it were) of intercessory prayer upon the recovery of post-operative heart patients. What you likely did not know was that one of the co-authors of the study was my brother Jeff (or Dr. Jeffery Dusek, if you must be so formal). If you have three minutes, you can listen to his interview on NPR, which will likely raise your intelligence quotient and make you impervious to personal insults. If not, contact NPR. By the way, prosecutor Jeff Dusek out in California is not my brother.