Friday, September 30, 2005

CNB Time-Wasters, September 2005

Tired of doing work? Looking for a reason to procrastinate? Let CNB help by showing you the CNB Time-Wasters of September 2005.

Boilerplate, the Victorian Era Robot. The creator of this site, Paul Guinan, is a true artist. In fact, this site is so well-done that some historians evidently believed it (whoever they were, if they bought it after seeing the photo with Pancho Villa, they should not be teaching other humans). With some well-done photos that exhibit Mr. Guinan's astonishing attention to detail, this is the type of site (joke or not) to which others should aspire. And, yes, it is a joke.

Absolution Online. Want to confess your sins but don't have time to get to a church? Well, look no further than this free website (that advises you it has no connection to any church, in a very weak "disclaimer"). After a few guided clicks that give you choices of type and severity of sin, you review your confessed sins (almost like a shopping basket at an online store) and reach the absolution page. Sure, it's less theatrical than a real confessional, but there's no collection basket.