Thursday, August 31, 2006

Back by Popular Demand

Like the neverending KISS farewell tour, CNB has returned once again. The lack of posting has been driven partly by a busy work schedule, but also by the fact that it seems that there is nothing to add to the 12 million (a low estimate) blogs out there that cut and paste various news stories (with a "read this" link), or to those who actually have jobs as commentators.

However, I had more than one person request that CNB return. It may have been the number of drinks I had, but the requestors appeared to be serious. Only actual comments will prove their seriousness, I guess.

Thus, the waste of bandwidth that is CNB is back. Alert the media, as something needs to take over from Glenn Ford's death as the lead news story. Admit it, you thought he was already dead, didn't you?