Friday, October 01, 2004

Republidolphin goes copyright-wingin'

The last post included a link to a DNC-related site, so CNB wanted to be fair and post to an RNC-related site, meaning that Republicans who read CNB can't call CNB partisan (oh, no one reads this -- much less leaves comments -- and CNB knows it). The site is called "Flipper Cam" (it is the "top story" on the RNC site), and features a person in a dolphin suit in Wisconsin, asking which way to "Lambert Field" (some may recall that Kerry referred to Lambeau Field as "Lambert Field", a critical gaffe in a swing state).

CNB notes that the site plays the theme from the show "Flipper" in the background. However, the RNC might want to take note that in September, a federal appeals court held that unauthorized use of copyrighted songs, even if they are unrecognizable samples, requires payment to the copyright holder. Think the RNC got permission and paid for use of the song?

If not, here are some tips to help them get that permission. Tip to RNC: the copyright holder, under registration number RE-529-962 is Turner Entertainment Company, now part of Time Warner. I wouldn't worry too much. Unlike Kazaa users (or the guy who registered, you'll probably be fine - they probably liked the tax cuts.