Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Not Looking Good for Kerry // "Moral Values"

This appears to be the post before the post where it says "Bush wins." Fox and NBC are both calling Ohio (a.k.a. "Florida 2004"), although ABC, CNN, and CBS have not called it. The Ohio Secretary of State keeps going on TV to say that every vote will be counted, although that could take some time. Essentially, the conventional wisdom is that Bush will win Ohio, giving him the election. As of 12:41pm CST, the count is 249 Bush - 217 Kerry (unless you watch Fox or NBC).

The buzzword for this election has been "moral values", which, contrary to the thoughts of Mrs. CNB and others, evidently explains the long lines of voters. Apparently people did want to go vote for the conservative social values (votes on state constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage were on the ballots in 11 states).