Thursday, December 30, 2004

CNB NewsBlurbs

Iraqis can cast ballots in Chicago
Well, the dead have voted in Chicago for years -- why not the Iraqis?

Tsunami relief hits $500 million
Spain has pledged nearly $70 million, the US (saying more is on the way) has pledged $35 million. Finland has plegdged $5 million in private funds, and there are only 4 million people in the whole country. As a comparison tool, note that Republicans have pledged $40 million in private funds for the presidential inauguration.

Democrat Declared Winner in Wash. State Gov. Race
The final tally showed Democrat Christine Gregoire received 1,373,361 votes, Republican Dino Rossi with 1,373,232, and Libertarian Ruth Bennett with 63,465 votes -- and Libertarians weren't sure if their votes counted.