Wednesday, November 03, 2004

It's Over

As you can read on any number of liberal blogs (should they be sober) or conservative blogs (should they be sober, as well), it is over. Kerry called Bush to concede the election.

My thoughts on this (please forgive the lack of objective reasoning or flurry of citations -- I am just not in the mood right now):

  1. Why does Terry McAuliffe continue to be head of the DNC? He lost the 2002 midterm elections in startling fashion, yet kept his job for (what both sides termed) the most important election of this generation -- and then lost that one on pretty much every level (President, Congress, governors), except Obama's cakewalk, for which he had no relation.
  2. Speaking of "this generation" -- where the hell was it? Voting rates for youth were the same as in 2000. I guess the Past won this one, dumbass Future. (if that makes no sense, see this prior CNB post).
  3. I wouldn't be so distressed by this if all of the following had not come true: (a) Bush won both the electoral and popular votes; (b) the most crazy-ass conservative wackjobs (Coburn in Oklahoma, Bunning in Kentucky) got voted/reelected to Congress; (c) it came down to a "moral vote".
  4. Exit polls are useless (just ask John Kerry), as are most polls. My addiction to them is now cured.
  5. Because Bush got the popular vote, he has an official mandate as far as he is concerned. Look what he did for 4 years after losing the popular vote!!
  6. With Rehnquist sick and the rest old, get ready for some old time religion on the Supreme Court.
  7. Let's see if the Democrats try to go Republican-lite (if they were not already) or if they get a backbone. I think many are now ready for Howard Dean, seeing that John Kerry did not do the trick. Might as well be intellectually honest, since trying to be centrist (unless your name is Bill Clinton) does not appear to work
  8. Do I have do become Evangelical now? Will that be a law passed by the ever-increasing Republican Congress?
  9. Why does the South get to decide every election? They began voting Republican because of the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act -- doesn't that mean we should count their votes less?
  10. If Tony Blair gets voted out in the UK, are we left without a friend in the world? I know, I know, POLAND!! (I saw Bush say this in the debate also) -- but are we left without an official friend who can actually help us?
  11. If the UN does the right thing and gets involved in Iraq so our soldiers are not carrying the entire load, does that mean Bush will think he was right and can bully anyone into anything? Do what you want and they'll eventually come around!

Sad thing is, I am no Democrat, and look how much this bugs me. Sure, I lean left, but I have voted Republican many times in my life. I just don't understand why the social conservatives are winning out. Fiscal conservatism is fine -- I wish that Bush would employ some of that.