Thursday, November 04, 2004

To Moderates Who Voted for Bush: Please Respond

I realize that the headline above sounds sarcastic, but it is not. As anyone who has read this (and that number certainly seems to be growing) knows, I did not vote for Bush, and I found it difficult to find any good reason to do so.

However, I want to know what drove people to vote for Bush -- not in some challenging, defend-your-vote way, but in an academic excercise to understand better some portion of the 51% who did vote for Bush. Not all of them can be Evangelical Christians or multi-millionaires (two obvious groups) -- there are people who hold the same general values I hold who decided that voting for Bush was better than whatever alternative Kerry provided.

Thus, I am asking for some feedback from moderates who voted for Bush. This is not some trick to try to refute your reasons. I just kind of feel like it is my civic duty to better understand those who, as this map shows, are my neighbors.

Really. This is not a joke, a trap, or some Jedi-mind trick. Most importantly, this is not a rhetorical question.

As you know, this is not Daily Kos or some other liberal blog -- my posts should show that I play left center. Being center-left, I really want to have some reasoned discussion with the center-right. I know what the extremes think,and you all know what I think (see earliers posts in case you need refreshing) -- what do you think?