Monday, November 08, 2004

Voting for Class President was not this difficult

If you lean left, as the most of the CNB readers (enough to be plural, thank you) do, you have likely heard lots about voting irregularities. Cuyahoga County, Ohio has a results site set up that appears to show some of these problems -- a look at the difference in registered voters (760) and the ballots cast (8882) in Highland Hills Village certainly seems odd, to put it mildly. That might be a mere typgraphical error, but it occurred in several other precincts. There are many more examples all throughout the news in several states, some caught and some being worked out.

This is not some crazy conspiracy CNB is suggesting (like soooooo many others), just that it seems stupid that we cannot vote without some sort of crazy crap going on. The Onion got it right on this.