Wednesday, January 05, 2005

CNB waked violently by Marion Robertson and Freakin' Fox News

Sorry that CNB has been taken over by work (stupid mortgage -- always wanting to get paid), but, fortunately, Marion "Pat" Robertson, a guy who we whose claims (during his ill-fated 1988 presidential campaign) service in Korea have been disputed (to put it mildly) is on Hannity and Colmes, the regular airing of which may actually be one of the seven signs of the apocalypse. CNB does not have any specific cites, but suffice it to say (as noted previously) that Republicans should politely ask him to get off their freakin' side should they wish to have credibility. Man, is this not the Republican Party CNB grew up with.

Right now, Michael Reagan is talking about how George Soros gave lots of money to Kerry's campaign, but Hannity says we know of nothing he is giving to the tsunami victims (and then got really mad at criticism of Bush for having to get prodded to respond). Hannity's site has a link for how to send help to victims, but Michael Reagan's has no similar link (check out Mrs. CNB for the lack of mention of the tsunami by the Right -- CNB hates that hypocrisy on both sides). Thus, one wonders why Michael Reagan was chosen as the token rightie on the issue, save for the last name.

Oh, and the "news" on FoxNews just reported that the Democrat senators who are looking to challenge the Ohio vote are just looking to "delay the inevitable." CNB has never really had much issue with FoxNews before. However, CNB has learned that, based upon the ire raised by a mere 30 consecutive minutes of viewing, that fact is likely because CNB never really watched FoxNews before. It might be true, but it is a subjective characterization. Editorials are fine, but editorials are not "news". That statement was an editorial. Thus (proving CNB paid attention in college during that "Introduction to Logic" class), that statement was not news.

Note to FoxNews: unless they are contained in a crap talking-head show (e.g. Hannity and Colmes), editorials are not appropriate on a self-proclaimed news channel. If they do appear, then you cannot claim to be maligned when folks say you are biased. CNB does not expect perfect objectivity in fellow humans, but this is a bit much.

Oh, and some law professor said that Dept. of Justice nominee Gonzales was right when he said that the Geneva Convention did not apply to Al Qaeda, as it is not a nation, and the Geneva Convention only applies to nations. Okay, but the criticism of the infamous torture memo deals with its application to Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib, citizens of a nation (no matter how much some might try to call them all Al Qaeda folk), so this professor's point is inapplicable. Translation: more obfuscation of the actual facts -- even if you think Gonzales WAS right, you cannot agree with this useless statement. FYI -- CNB went to law school too, in case folks think CNB is over its head criticizing.

And now Sean Hannity, a strong supporter of the man who has brought our great nation to war specifically upon a fact proven to be false (and known to be false beforehand), is criticizing some guy for not respecting the rule of law. Really -- even with a straight face. CNB doesn't know Sean Hannity, and doesn't claim to have access to his internal thoughts -- he may be the salt of the earth (really - that is not meant sarcastically). However, a 45-minute (this post took a while) viewing has shown him to be a shameless firebrand, possibly for the sake of being a firebrand. It only makes sense, as nobody buys the books of a non-firebrand, liberal or conservative.

CNB is back, and now offering actual opinions (time constraints evidently create backbones). Stay tuned.