Sunday, March 20, 2005

Busted Brackets, but Exciting Games

Not that I haven't won a few pools in my time (the preceding statement in no way admits that I participate, have partcipated, or will ever participate in gambling activities), but, for the most part, my brackets fall apart at some point. This year, my main picks are still alive, but far too many I picked to win? Gone. 3 seed Kansas? Gone. (Sorry, Galus). 2 seed Connecticut? Gone. 4 seed Boston College? Gone. 2 seed Wake Forest? Gone. 4 seed Syracuse? Gone. 3 seed Oklahoma? Gone.

While some might claim that this was foreseeable (I love how those employing hindsight never seem to acknowledge it), the rest of us were surprised. However, I have never seen more exciting games in the tournament (particularly in games that are not supposed to be that exciting -- Kansas vs. Bucknell especially). The NC State-Connecticut game was equally as exciting as the double overtime game between West Virginia and Wake Forest.

I may win nothing, but seeing smaller schools (with athletes who work just as hard as those at big schools) beat the big schools -- in really exciting games, no less -- has been a lot of fun.